The prefab buildings are constructed of prefab panels where the basic construction is wood. Other elements that are used for panel production ,in addition to the wooden construction are: insulation materials (mineral wool, styrofoam, stirodur..), panel materials (OSB, QSB, fermacell, gypsum boards…), joints.

Eco solutions

PREFABRICATED HOUSES Their insulation features make optimum solution when low energy consumption is in question.Environment awareness, energy prices and knowledge of limited fossil fuels as well as a need to decrease pollutants emission resulted in larger construction of so called low-energy buildings.

Fireprotection solutions

All materials we build in our prefabricated houses are officially categorized as “incombustible” and “low combustible”, and wood as the basic element is additionally coated with fireproof gypsum or fermacell boards.


The production of Steco facilities is based on the most contemporary principles and world trends. Many years of experience, knowledge, the use of modern technology and the use of modern and ecological materials, provide you with a healthy and pleasant life.