We bought our house at Steco Center and we didn't make a mistake. Quality materials, perfect design, fast construction, professional work and customer relationship. I recommend you in every step of the way.

Milanka Dragojević


After much doubt, I decided to build a prefabricated house. The choice fell on Steco, and I was not wrong to decide that. Totally professional, everyone from this company paid full attention to me and my house. We have built a house that I proudly show to my friends and I praise it aloud. When I build another house again, it will be a prefabricated one, and it will definitely be - Steco Center.


Cirih, Švajcarska

Beauty! Definitely she ruled in the decision that I decided on a prefabricated house. No built house can be compared to a prefabricated one. Now, whoever sees my house shares my opinion. It's not worth talking about the speed of construction, the arrangement and deadlines. All by appointment, as promised. Thanks Steco!


Nowadays, it is not easy to choose a contractor for a family home. It is especially questionable who to trust. After a couple of meetings with the people of Stec, and after reviewing their archive of family houses, we resolved the dilemma. The choice fell on them, and I can say that I was satisfied. We agreed to everything in a very short time, and they all agreed. We just have to enjoy our oasis of peace and love.

Janez Omerzu

As a young married couple, my husband and I had a long look at the apartments. However, it is all too expensive for us because you have to spend a lot of money for the "little square" and you are cramped in the apartment. In the end, the decision fell on the prefabricated house because it just provides everything we asked for and is a cheaper option than the apartment. Thank you Stec for your professionalism.

Hans Peter


Energy efficiency is the first reason why my husband and I opted for a prefabricated house. Then, better use of dead space that serves nothing. Each square is carefully designed and maximized. The Steco team is definitely, the team that wins the market. Quality, low price, speed of construction. … That's It! Steco is the best !!!!!!

Draško Urbančić

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